Signal Jammers: The Cool Gadget That Cool Guys Need


Are you the kind of person who has a lot of cool things to show off? Have you tried working with some of the coolest items that the technological world can offer? You may be the coolest guy in town that gets the attention of ladies through your gadgets but have you heard of signal jammers?

Signal jammers are some of the coolest stuff a prankster can obtain. If you love pranking your friends and family members and they find it fun, you should consider getting these amazing and unique gadgets. They come in various shapes and types and you can use them to stop a number of technological items from receiving signal.

For example, there are signal jammers meant to dislocate or interrupt radio signals. Some are for the purpose of stopping smartphones from receiving or transmitting signals. Others can also interfere with WLAN signals. These gadgets could be a nice way to prank your friends who are coming over to play games.

You can also use signal jammers to prank relatives when they're over for the holidays. They will definitely enjoy a good laugh once they realize that their phones seem to be malfunctioning. Your cousins will be shocked when they discover they can't use the WiFi in your house and they will think there's something wrong. It will also be worth the reunion of family members when you finally let them know that it was just a prank and you were using signal jammers to stop everyone from doing what they were busying themselves with!

Some of the most common signal jammers include Bluetooth jammers. These signal stoppers are commonly integrated with other functions that have the power to interfere with Video and WiFi signals. They can disable wireless LAN and these are very effective tools to be used if you're someone who has serious issues with privacy. On the other hand, they can be used simply for fun, visit website here

There are also signal jammers used to block GPS signals. Mostly used by the military, they are starting to get a lot of attention from the masses. They are used to cover up one's location if ever someone is trying to track you down. Watch a helpful video at

Signal jammers' prices vary from company to company. Some range between $35 to $100. The Bluetooth jammer is more expensive, especially if it has multi-functional abilities. The WiFi jammer is pricier as well since it was created for more complicated cases.